Connections make difference.
Good connections
make big difference

and partner

Dear friends, guests of the Roscongress Foundation!

Our  Foundation has helped you establish strong links in the Russian and  international economic community for 10 years. We’re happy to enhance the stature of Russia together and cultivate the image of our country as a strong and reliable partner to the whole world.

In 2017 a new organization was founded in partnership with the Roscongress Foundation. It is Congress Attaché whose goal is to provide the concierge services to the Luxury Class clients on the international level.

Using the Congress Attaché services you can deal with the business matters most effectively and enjoy comfortable and interesting vacations anywhere in the world.


We will help you ensure
maximum privileges at
comfortable prices..

The key advantages
of using Congress Attaché services are:

approach (flexibility)
privileges for clients
Work 24/7/365


Air and railway tickets booking, delivery and exchange
Car rental for business and private trips

Hotel selection and booking

We will find a hotel for you anywhere in the world based on your preferences. We will provide reviews and recommendations.

Car rental for business and private trips

We can provide the services of a private driver, arrange a transfer and offer a car nanny for your kids.

Air and railway tickets booking, delivery and exchange

We will make a trip intinerary with account of connecting flights and the trains’ arrival and departure. We will provide the Green corridor and the stay at the VIP lounges.

Individual guided tours

At your request we will make you a personal itinerary of world’s cultural jewels and historic sites anywhere in the world. For your comfort we will offer the assistance of a personal guide fluent in your native tongue.

Cultural and special events

We offer booking, purchase and delivery of theatre, concerts, exhibitions and special events tickets, individual events schedule and the arrangement of suitable transfer and accommodation at the best hotels of the world.

Flowers and gifts delivery to anywhere in the world

We will be glad to help you arrange the gift delivery to your loved ones, friends and business partners. We will make you a personal gift calendar and remind you about upcoming events on time.

Business, corporate and private events

Booking a place, arranging catering, providing equipment, arranging business and entertainment programs without geographical limitations.

Private and group hunting and fishing

We will make you a personal tour to the most distant places of the world or vice versa – to the most popular places on the planet where you can get unforgettable experience from hunting, safari or fishing.

Individual culinary journeys

To true foodies we offer unique journeys to the very best places for gastronomic tourism in the world.

Water voyages

To the lovers of the waters we offer the arrangement of any kind of leisure – from a motor boat trip to the round-the-world cruise on an ocean liner.

The most interesting sporting events in the world

Making a personal schedule, tickets booking and delivery. Arranging comfortable journeys, arranging individual terms of accommodation and event attendance.

The best culinary and wine tastings

We will offer you individual terms for attending tastings, workshops and meetings with great chefs. You will be able to get recommendations on creating wine collections from world’s best-known sommeliers.

Private chef service

If you want to host a dinner party and impress your guests with exquisite dishes, a famous chef will help arrange your banquet, a recipient of one, two or three Michelin stars at your option.

Call at
any time

We will help you ensure maximum privileges at comfortable prices. Our service fee is 10% of the cost of service.

We offer our services to private individuals as well as to corporate clients. We create a personal program for every client that helps bring your wishes to life and meet the challenges at the level worthy of you.

When you become our client, you will feel that your life becomes easier, more interesting and pleasant every day.

Our goal is to anticipate your wishes before you think of them and offer you a solution before you have a question.

Connections make difference.
Good connections
make big difference.